Sunday, July 10, 2016

Visible Image Sunday Play~Simple Notecards~INKognito


Happy Sunday!

Today it's my turn to share some creative Visible Image playtime. The kids are off from school and the time ran away from me a teeny bit. So, I wanted to make something simple and bright.

Hope you like them!

Using some of my most favorite stamps and Inktense Color Blocks, I made some clean and simple notecards. I used the Flower INKognito and Butterfly INKognito Visible Image stamps.

I applied the color block directly onto the stamps in various scribbles.

Misted the stamp with water, Inktense color blocks activate with water and 
when dry are very stable and permanent.
The images are stamped onto watercolor paper I cut to size before stamping.

Stamp away, I could easily do tons of these and not get bored! 
Each one even using the same colors comes out unique.

Thanks for looking and hope you can make a bit of time to play!

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  1. absolutely love how effective these are, thank you for sharing x

  2. Wow, never heard of inktense colour blocks, something else
    I NEED! xxx

    1. You will be hooked once you try, they are so awesome! Thank you!

  3. These are gorgeous. I don't have any inktense colour blocks, if I was to get some what colours do you suggest I start with? Karen xxx

    1. Thank you! I just have the starter tin of 12, but wish I had done at least the 24 pack :) I just hunted for best prices and watched for sales :)

  4. Love these, sales on colour blocks will go up now lol, I can't believe how beautiful they are 😀

    1. hehe they are lots of fun :)
      Thanks so much for your kind words and visit!


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