Tuesday, April 29, 2014

~Texture Tuesday~Rock Rose, April 29, 2014~


Happy Tuesday!

It is sunny and warm today and superrrr windy today.  There was a super fast overnight rain last weekend and gave beautiful clear skies with puffy clouds afterwards. The light was stunning. After a short walk around the block, I managed to collect a few fun photos to play with. Linking below is one small snap for Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.

This Rock Rose petal was layered with Kim's KK_Isobel texture to add more, 'feel' to the sky which was already sooo beautiful! Then I applied the glass block filter in Photoshop Elements, I wanted to emphasize those lovely petals even more. The texture of flower petals is one of my favorite things! Still working on getting the hang of Elements and layers and adjusting.....ooo so much... hahahaha. But having tons of fun along the way... and....it is relaxing creating these mini paintings.

Be good....enjoy your day:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

~Simple Tuesday~

Wow! It is Tuesday again! amazing....how fast it arrives:)

My response to "Texture Tuesday" at Kim Klassen's lovely blog and following the prompt, "Simple".

Simple shape....simple color....simply Spring.......and a ....surprise visitor along for the ride...

Happy Earth Day!

Layered with Kim's Jamal texture. A simple request, please take the time to check out all the beautiful postings at Kim's Blog:)

Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

~Busy Tuesday!~

Today has been a fun and creative day. Last night was the wonderful Blood Moon Eclipse, in the middle of the night in my timezone. So beautiful to see.

I spent the rest of the day making a creation to post for Texture Tuesdays posted at the spectacular site belonging to Kim Klassen. Click the small Texture Tuesdays button to see all the pretty goings on...

Below is my response to the prompt, "Perfectly Imperfect"....thank you for visiting! :)

This dandelion photo does not look like it did this morning before playing! After some adjusting and layering with Kim Klassen's textures, Rest and Traverse, I arrived at what you see above. I appreciate any comments and feedback you may have. Have a wonderful day and be good to yourself...

Friday, April 4, 2014

Inaugural Posting~Hello~Welcome!


Welcome to my tiny space inside this blogspace. I am very new at all this, so please bear with me as I figure things out:)

I stumbled upon this wonderful place, among so many more, called Pixel Dust Photo Art and it felt so nice and welcoming. There is a wonderful monthly Photo Art Friday and I decided to jump in.....
The prompt is "Quirky Selfie". Well...I did not wanna do a selfie but instead used my photo from a place near and dear to me, so it is a part of me:)

Now let's see if I can put the photo here >.< 
It is my photo of a Joshua Tree taken at Joshua Tree National Park. It is layered on some wickedly wonderful grungy backgrounds I found at Shadowhouse Creations.