Tuesday, May 13, 2014

~Texture Tuesday~Yellow~May 13, 2014~

Hello! Happy Sunny Tuesday!

Just a quick post in support of Texture Tuesday hosted by Kim Klassen. Such wonderful art there and so many wonderful contributors!

It is a sunny YELLOW theme this day....please feel free to click to see a bit bigger image.

A still life is still much of a challenge for me, so this was fun practice....and something I need to do more of:) I really like worn, well- loved pieces and this is what I was hoping to convey.

My texture layers are all Kim Klassen:
The frame base is the texture "Appreciate".
Base layer on the flower used "rest_magic" with Lighten at 78%
Mid layer used the texture "rest" with  Pinlight at 72%
Top layer used the texture "minus43 with Color Burn  at 100%

Have a super day and if you have a moment be sure to check out all the wonderful yellow themed art photos!

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